Tuesday Chum Bucket: CBA talks to "more likely than not" continue today

  • After a meeting that lasted less than two hours last night, the league and players' association will "more likely than not" meet again today with the PA expected to present a number of miniature, bite-sized proposals. Or something. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Is it finally time for the league to give in to the PA's offer to play games while simultaneously negotiating a new CBA? Money talks and the NHL is losing a ton of it. [Sporting News]
  • Which side is in the "right" here really doesn't make a difference but the answer is unquestionably the players. What doesn't help their cause is the line of "Puck Gary" hats Erik Cole is planning to produce. It's not even about disrespect (no one respects Gary Bettman), it's just a terrible, uninventive pun. As someone on Twitter mentioned, we're probably a week away from Gary Buttman t-shirts at this rate. [Puck Daddy]
  • Elliotte Friedman with his always excellent 30 Thoughts column, with 20 thoughts this week. [CBC]
  • Dan Rusanowsky, presumably out of hockey-deprived boredom (we can all relate, Dan), recounted every game played on November 19th in Sharks history. Still a great read, even though he confuses Scott Thornton with cousin Joe about two weeks before Jumbo arrived in San Jose back in 2005. [San Jose Sharks]
  • How long does it take for stay-at-home defensemen to develop in the NHL? [mc79hockey]
  • Jeff Angus interviews Ben Fahri who's working in a management role with the San Francisco Bulls. [Dobber Hockey]