UFA of the Day: Travis Moen

Funny thing... It's seems like you (collectively) and I write these articles in the comments of other threads. Just like with Mitchell, the argument for/against resigning Moen has already been hashed out in detail... lemme see if I can find some quo... shabam! Got um. Do you really think I would have brought them up if I couldn't deliver? Pshaa.

we don’t play hockey like anaheim, he is built for that team. Hope that makes sense well it does if you understand the two teams, but bad bad trade, which is funny because we were all praising it at the time, probably just because we didn’t know much about the prospects and won’t for a long time.


He played well in a few games. The one where he got a shorty and the one where he was the only player to score a goal stand out in my mind, but other than that he was fairly invisible.


Moen is a role player who plays much better when he can consistently play with the same players of a long period of time. He was constantly being juggled around since day 1 with the team (do in large part to the team already being riddled with injuries) and thus never developed chemistry and the little things that helps make his game effective. Give him line mates that he can play with night after night and you’ll see the kind of player he was with Anaheim.



I say re-sign three of those four and make it a line combination.


We do need a defensive stopper line, and while I liked the idea of adding a guy like Moen, I don’t really like Moen himself. He seemed to shrink against his former team, and played well in about four of the twenty games he was here.

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As you can see, there are some pro-Moens and some anti-Moens.

The Pro-Mo's see what he was with Anaheim, and hope that he can bring that fire next year with the Sharks. Hell, I hope that too, because with Grier likely on his way out it would be nice to have someone who could fill in immediately on the PK. If Moen plays like he did for the Ducks, I see this move as a no brainer.

However, he didn't play well in the 20+ he was with the Sharks, so signing him is a big risk. Do you believe that he'll turn it around and play like he has for most of his career, or is the recent sucktitude (technical term) what we should come to expect? That's what the Anti-Mo's are afraid of.

As you can see by my quote (wow big ego, quotin' myself), I'm in the Anit-Mo party. I've started to come around as I've wrote this article, though. Why?

When you are signing a free agent, you always take a big risk. I think it's lucky that we got to see Moen play for the team this year; even though he didn't do what we expected him to do, the games that he played in will only help him become a bigger part of this team. By bringing in a new player, you destroy the chemistry that Moen has built, and who's to say that a guy like Taylor Pyatt will be any better than Moen would. It's risky.

Also, with the cap looming, Moen's $925,000 salary is pretty darn attractive. Unlike Taylor Pyatt (who's making over $1.5 MM) he's not going to command a huge raise and could be had on the cheap.

In addition, signing Moen isn't going to take playing time away from McGinn, as long as Grier takes a hike. So that's another point for the Pro-Mo's. I hereby switch allegiances. Call me a flip flopper.

Let's just hope we get this Moen, and not the Moen pictured above.

TCY's Final Offer: $1,200,000 per year over two years.

Should the Sharks resign Travis Moen?