Watch Sharks and Canucks prospects face off at the 2013 Young Stars Tournament

Tomas Hertl, Mirco Mueller, Matt Nieto and a slew of other Sharks prospects take the ice tonight at 7:30 in British Columbia.

Sharks hockey is back. Sort of. will be streaming tonight's game at 7:30 between prospects in the Sharks and Canucks organizations, the first contest for both teams at this year's version of the annual (well, annual provided there isn't a lockout) Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, British Columbia. The tournament also features Winnipeg (who the Sharks face tomorrow), Calgary (the Sharks' Sunday opponent) and Edmonton. Here's a rundown of the announced Sharks roster for the tournament:

Forwards (13): Gabryel Boudreau, Riley Brace, Colby Cave, Chris Crane, Justice Dundas, Eriah Hayes, Tomas Hertl, Christophe Lalancette, Matt Nieto, John Padulo, Lane Scheidl, Rylan Schwartz, Chris Tierney

Defensemen (7): Konrad Abeltshauser, Kyle Bigos, Nikolas Brouillard, Dylan DeMelo, Max Iafrate, Spenser Jensen, Mirco Mueller

Goalies (2): J.P. Anderson, Troy Grosenick

In related news, Corey Pronman of Hockey Prospectus released his annual ranking of the Sharks' top ten prospects which should serve as a useful guide if you're wondering who to look out for tonight. We'll update this post with an embedded stream of the game as soon as it goes live.

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