Wednesday Chum Bucket: Sharks issue lackluster refund to season ticket holders

  • With game cancellations being issued by the league seemingly every other week, the Sharks organization has begun refunding fans' season ticket costs. Their first check will likely be disappointing to many, with season ticket holders only being reimbursed for 1.8% of the amount they have paid to date. [Working the Corners]
  • Would a shortened season benefit the Sharks? Brodie Brazil argues yes. I'd have to respectfully disagree: any team reasonably projected to make the playoffs, as San Jose should be, can really only have their postseason chances hurt by a truncated season that introduces more randomness into the standings. [CSN Bay Area]
  • Speaking of a shortened season, John Buccigross reports that a source informed him the league has a 48-game schedule beginning in January already drawn up. This obviously isn't necessarily indicative of much even if it's true, as you'd hope the league would be ready to go with the logistics of the season immediately after a resolution of the lockout, but it's basically in line with what many have been predicting since the beginning of this process. [Twitter]
  • The neverending story of the Phoenix Coyotes' future in Glendale may have finally and mercifully come to an end last night as the Glendale City Council voted to approve a 20-year, $320 million lease agreement for former Sharks owner Greg Jamison who has been in talks to purchase the club for months. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan got completely wasted and put on a Teletubby costume before driving the wrong way down a Michigan road. I can't even tell which was the worst decision he made. [Winging It In Motown]
  • "The reality is that because the other 27 owners can’t get the revenue sharing money from the Leafs, Rangers, and Canadiens, they are instead going to try to get it from the players." Tangotiger nails the central conflict in the NHL lockout. [The Book]
  • Shane Doan was actually so close to signing with the Philadelphia Flyers the team mocked up two sweaters just for him. [CSN Philly]
  • Looks like S.J. Sharkie has some competition from Germany. [Puck Daddy]