Worcester Watch: I learned it from you, ok? I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!


4:00 PST

Providence leads 3-2
Stanley Cup of Chowder

[Note]: Make sure to visit the Worcester Sharks' webpage for all your Worcester needs. You can watch the game through AHL Live for $8.00 per game or $40.00 per round. If you're buying the whole round now, well, I have some stuff to sell you.

So, maybe this analogy doesn't really work all that well (the AHL Sharks aren't a drug abusing teenager who emulate their father, or the NHL Sharks in this case), but my boss is standing over my shoulder and I don't have time to dilly dally. It works, and it's hilarious.

The little Sharks, like the big Sharks, are faced with a must win game six after falling behind the Bruins 2-0 to start the series.

This is going to be a short pre-game, but don't let that fool you. This one is crucial for Worcester. Win, and you get to play game seven back in Providence. Lose, and, well, you lose.

If the Sharks can clean up their game a bit, they should be able to push this series to seven. Although Marchand and Rask will try to get under the WorSharks' collective skin, it's going to be more important to play smart than to give in to the nefarious under-workings of this series.

I'd love to see the Sharks be the first team in AHL history to go down 2-0 in consecutive series only to come back and win both. If they do, let's hope the next series isn't as nail bite-y.

Go Sharks!

[P.S. Big shout out to 4rilla, FTF's resident Worcesterite. Worcesteron? Worcerteran? Regardless, he's at the game, and he'll be uploading pics and vids and other abbreviated medias later]