Blink 182 Is Reunited, Obviously Something Is Wrong With The World. SHARKS LOSE.

[Editor's Note]: In homage to our friends at The Pensblog we decided to do a little recap jobber style. Hope you enjoy it.

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Let's not beat around the bush here- the Sharks are in a funk. You don't expect to win every night, but when four out of the last five end up in the loss column there is cause for concern.

It's February. Lukowich, Roenick, and Mitchell are out. San Jose just came off a huge win against Boston last night, they're gassed. We understand that.

But the body needs to be layed on. Our forecheck needs to be stronger. Boucher has to get some support down low. The neutral zone turnovers need to be handed a cease and desist order. Tonight was an improvement from some previous outings, but just an improvement against a struggling team doesn't cut it.

It's just one more reason to wring our hands and worry about April. To quote Cher, "We will survive." It would just be nice to see that sooner rather than later.

And hey, these things could be worse:


Even Therrien is a little embarassed

Swisher Thresher FTW in the gameday thread:

remember when the Sharks would get a clutch goal and force OT? And, um, they did that thing with the puck, and at the very end of the game, it would.. and um, the puck goes past the other goalie and the Sharks win?… You.. you remember that?

yeah, that was aaawesome


The first line hops out on the ice and generates a solid scoring chance. Thornton hits Malkin all alone in front for the one timer, but Fleury gobbles it up.
You could tell Mellon Arena was on it’s heels in the first, but two shifts by Sykora and Malkin get the crowd into it.
Seto lights somebody up again. Has he been rooming with Murray this road trip?
You wouldn’t say the Sharks looked slow as much as you would say they looked in control during the first half of the period. When you’re in control things look slow, whatever that means.
At one point you asked yourself whether the Pens were going to lay on the body behind their net or clear out people in front. Fleury was seeing more ass than Christian Troy.

But just when you thought the Pens were mailing this one in, they get a nice opportunity off the rush. Exhibit A why you shouldn’t worship Satan kids. Boucher with the glove save.


Crosby decides to show up in the first and generates a scoring opportunity. The teams job around for a bit, with the Pens icing the puck about fifteen times to end the period.

The first line can’t cycle for the first time all night, and with the Pens moving the puck you think back to the Detroit loss where the Sharks ran out of gas. Luckily Boucher popped some Viagra and was up to the task.

Blake gets called for a hooking call that’s questionable at best. Crosby dicks around in his own zone for half the powerplay, and the Sharks follow with two great shorthanded chances. Killed.
With nothing going on after that, Clowe tries to stir the pot in front of Fleury. No takers.

Can't blame em'.

Boucher continues his best Turco impression, constantly playing pucks behind the net all night. Thankfully he’s not a douche bag otherwise we might have a problem in our locker room.  Crosby makes a nice cross-ice pass to some jobber winger who’s too distracted by Blake’s harmonica to get it on net.

The teams go back and forth, with the Sharks pushing at the end of the period. Vesce has a nice opportunity with two minutes on the clock, but gets tripped up. No call. Pens head down the ice and job one into the net off Rob Blake’s stick.


1-0 PENS



Sharks come out and get two chances. Setoguchi with a nice pass to find Pavelski who smokes it like Michael Phelps......wide. Fleury follows it up with a wicked glove save on Michalek who tries to go high glove side. Did he watch last night’s game against Boston? Sick save.

Setoguchi blows up Thomas and Stall gets his panties in a bunch. The power play unit strolls out for the first time all night.

Ehrhoff takes one in the neck, but Thomas is too shaken to do anything after smelling some Gooch. Boyle with an unreal backcheck to break that up. Why both shorthanded units had better chances than their power play brethren we’ll never know. Killed.

The Sharks swarm the net a little later, but MAF is denying you as adamantly as your girlfriend when she's on her period. Nothing's going in.

With ten minutes left Mr. Kennedy drives the net and gets thrown into the cage.



Just about as you’re getting drunk enough to call your ex girlfriend to see if you could score at least once tonight, Dan Boyle goes coast to coast faster than your first time with a woman. He throws the puck at the net, it bounces around for a bit, and Pavelski rifles one in.



Pens flood the zone afterwards, but Boucher does his best R. Kelly impression and urinates all over the puck. What a goaltender.

Rick Allen eventually makes an appearance on the scene as Clowe goes to the box.

During the PK Blake throws Malkin into the net and Crosby whines to the refs. He then proceeds to skate to the bench after seeing JR waiting in the rafters.


Grier with a breakaway late in the kill. Will he bury it?



Overtime starts with Blake and Malkin playing some physical hockey in front of the net. Hand goes up, we still don’t know what happened to deserve the call. Sharks head out on the PK.

Boucher continues to hold the fort as he has all night. Good God he’s going to reel in a mammoth contract this upcoming offseason. Killed.

Some more shit happens, who knows. Thornton has three shots in OT, setting a career high.

Brian Boitano comes out for the skills competition.



Boucher stands his ground on Sykora, Michalek rifles one over the net.
Geno throws a turd at Boucher. No dice. Joe Pavs denied by Fleury.
Crosby throws one five hole and beats Boucher. Dan Boyle comes down and surprises us all by making his patented move, except he goes backhand for a change. Fleury spreads his legs wider than Madonna in the 90's…..

  • Whatevs.
  • At times the breakout was thinner than Ryan Getzlaf's hairline.
  • Blake with two goals on his hands the last two games (Lucic's second last night). It’s still early, but is this a concern?
  • Much like the first period last night against Boston, the Pens defense did a good job of blocking shots from the point.
  • Boucher’s rebound control is unreal.
  • Patty was pretty quiet tonight and has been lately (besides his huge goal last night). He’s a streaky scorer (much like Cheech), so when he finally turns it back on watch out./

Go Sharks.