Brent Burns continues to be best dad ever

Like he could be anything else.

Brent Burns is one of the few people that seems to enjoy all of the All Star weekend festivities. Last year with his family he went to the Columbus Zoo with his family and took in everything the city had to offer. Not everyone is that open and receptive to this event, but Burns seems to take it all in stride.

This year in Nashville isn't an exception. Today while practicing his daughter showed off her collection of signed pucks to Burns. Needless to say, he was impressed.

His number one dad distinction isn't just off the ice but on the ice as well.

Brent Burns is dad goals. #NHLAllStar

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Man, imagine having Brent Burns as your guide through hockey. He would teach you how to store teeth, how to get a shot through the point and how to grow one mean beard.

God bless Brent Burns.