NHL All Star Game Recap: John Scott is MVP

The Pacific won the three-on-three tournament

John Scott stole the show in this afternoon's NHL All Star game tournament, winning the MVP award and potting two goals for the Pacific to get them into the final.

The afternoon kicked off with the two eastern conference teams facing each other. The Atlantic Division got the win over the Metropolitan in a close game which ended with a score of 4-3. You can see Dylan Larkin's winning goal on Cory Schneider here:

Next up were Brent Burns, Joe Pavelski, John Scott, and the rest of the Pacific division taking on the Central. This game was much more high scoring, with a final of 9-6 for the Pacific. Scott had two goals and fought Patrick Kane, which you can see here:

We can all get behind this.

Joe Pavelski rep'd the Sharks with a goal for the Pacific:

It would be enough to get the Pacific Division into the final game, in a battle of the oceans vs the Atlantic Division.

The third and final game of the tournament was the lowest scoring of the three, ending 1-0 after no goals were scored in the first twenty minutes. Unfortunately Corey Perry had the only goal of the match, but I guess you have to take what you can get sometimes:

John Scott was voted MVP, and deservingly so. His story made this the best NHL All Star weekend I can ever remember, and possibly one of the best in history. Scott won a Honda Pilot and a share of the one million dollars that will be split between the winning team.

And, maybe even more awesome: John Scott was asked to hand over his helmet so it can be put on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame. His teammates lifted him onto their shoulders after the final whistle, which Brent Burns says was his and Joe Pavelski's idea.

I think it's safe to call this one of the most successful All Star games in NHL history. I would bet we'll see this format again at next year's game in Los Angeles.