Game Wrap Up: Los Angeles @ San Jose

Final - 2.19.2009 1 2 3 Total
Los Angeles Kings 1 1 0 2
San Jose Sharks 2 2 0 4 Recap Game Summary FTF Gameday Thread

First Period

(Sits down on the couch) Well tonight should be a- why Mr. Kaspar, nice of you to show up on the board.... First shift after a goal, once again the Sharks allow the opponents to get some solid chances. Looking forward, that can kill you.... First power play Joe hanging out on the sideboards again. Old habits die hard eh?.... Evgeni Nabokov is not Marty Turco. On the plus side, not a pile of dung. On the negative side? He scares me every time he plays the puck.... How many games in a row is that with a (much deserved) interference call off the faceoff.... If Douglas Murray and Dustin Brown collided at full speed, would the world explode? Consider it....

Second Period

Douglas Murray needs to pick up his man in front of the net on that goal.... Starting to ramble here (Rolling Rock ftw!), but the Sharks penalty kill might be the most underrated aspect of their team. Yeah they just gave up a goal this period, but 4th in the league is something that very rarely gets talked about in great detail when you speak about the Sharks strengths.... From Edmonton's recap: "Rob Blake is so good at getting shots on net from the point". One cracked pane of glass later.... "Just a little how do ya do? My name's Claude Lemiuex. Thank you.".... Call on Ersberg is questionable but I'll take it.... I love how the last two games have seen teams try and push the Sharks around, yet what do they do? Answer the bell. Ten bucks to anyone who finds out what Joe said to O'Donnell's face with a grin before throwing that punch....

Third Period

Setoguchi dropping the gloves to defend Patty? Sold.

Two head shots in this period. That's all I need to say. I'll be taking a look at them tomorrow when I'm in the right frame of mind, but Drew expounded perfectly on the situation when he said (paraphrasing here), "The refs will call the hooks and grabs, but not the tough stuff."


Anytime an NHL player admits to 18,000 people that he is fond of Celine Dion is the day I jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Who has a parachute?

Two points against a Los Angeles Kings team that looks solid as hell. Two nights in a row where the Sharks are on the short end of some questionable hits, two nights in a row where they stand up for their teammates and buckle down in the third period.

Only thing I want to see more of is McLellan up on the bench screaming at the officials- he could be a little more vocal in those situations.

Go Sharks.