How The Years Fly By

With a couple days off, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how this year's Sharks team compares to our 82 game brother of 07-08. It might be a tad useless considering we're not facing this team, but at any rate it helps to cool some heads after last Saturday's game against Chicago.

So instead of moping around for a couple days, I figured it'd be cool for all of us compile a list of some numbers that make some heads spin. Here's five to get you started.


Fun Facts From The Fonz

1) The Sharks blueline has amassed twenty eight goals this year, surpassing 07-08's total of twenty six. This has been done only 48 games into the season.

2) It may seem ridiculous, but the Sharks defense is actually accounting for a lower percentage of goals compared to last season (5.85% and 8% respectively). Chalk that up to a team on pace for 280 goals, a whopping 72 better than last season.

3) A Ron Wilson-less Patrick Marleau is on pace for 44 goals, a career high.

4) We all know the +/- stat is a little overrated, but honestly it's hard to debate this. The Sharks last year were a -1 overall. This season? +128. Cue the "lolz" from the peanut gallery. That's just ridiculous.

5) San Jose is on pace for 396 more shots compared to last season's total, bringing them to 2830 if the numbers stay constant. That's more rubber being thrown around than Sigma Chi's annual year end bash (yeah, I reused that joke, guilty as charged).

* All the goal numbers exclude the shootout.

Anybody have some nuggets they'd like to share?

Go Sharks.