How to replace Tommy Wingels

First of all, you can't. How dare you?

With Tommy Wingels out for what seems like more than a couple of games, the Sharks will have to tweak their lines a little bit. This is a shame for a couple reasons:

The first being that Wingels has improved lately as he had a pretty rough start to the season. The second is that San Jose seemed to be in a good groove and it's too bad a change may throw a wrench into the engine. It's more than likely that Mike Brown will slot into the lineup tonight as he's already with the team — but assuming the Sharks are willing to make a call up and put Wingels on the Injured are some of their options.

Call somebody up from the Barracuda

This is the most obvious plan. Barclay Goodrow and Ben Smith are the two most obvious call up candidates, with Goodrow seeming more likely than Smith. Sharks head coach Peter DeBoer doesn't seem to be a fan of Smith for one reason or another, and Goodrow leads the 'Cuda with 15 goals in 38 games. Smith has nine points in 11 games.

Nikolay Goldobin has just three fewer points than Goodrow in the same number of games, but Goodrow's NHL experience makes him the more likely guy to get the call.

Ride or die with Mike Brown

Hyperbole is fun and a part of being a fan, but the Sharks will probably be just fine if Brown slots into the fourth line while Wingels is out. This probably says more about Wingels' play this season than Brown's, but if DeBoer decides to stand pat and roll Brown into the lineup every night, it won't be the end of the world. It would be a bad decision, though, and would also be robbing Goodrow of a shot at proving himself in the NHL, which would also suck.

Make a trade

This seems the least likely of the Sharks' potential options. With a backup goaltender and a defender near the top of the Sharks need lists, I can't see Doug Wilson making a phone call because Wingels is injured, especially if he'll be back this season. Still, it's (probably) easier to acquire a third or fourth line forward than a solid defender or backup netminder. So, I won't rule it out.