Looking back at Martin Jones' best saves vs. Calgary

Some of these are so nice you'll want to see them...thrice. See, that's not a cliche.

Remember how well Martin Jones played last night? God, how have you already forgotten? This is why we can't have nice things/good goaltending. Well, lucky for you we're going to take a stroll down memory lane to remember some of Jones' best stops against the Calgary Flames. Pay attention and try and commit some of this to memory, okay Dory?

Jones robs Monahan, Giordano

This one came early on and was a sign of things to come for Jones' workload and success stopping the puck. With Monahan sitting just outside the crease, Jones has to slide over to his right in order to prevent what really should have been an easy tap-in goal.

Corralling the rebound

The first save is good but it's the save on Dougie Hamilton that's the real gem here. Jones has to kick the first shot aside but Hamilton is there to stuff in the rebound. Jones shows off his lateral movement to get over and seal the post to prevent the Flames from scoring.

Jones uses great positioning

This save is all about Jones' positioning. He never sees this shot from Matt Stajan in close but his left pad is there to keep the shot out anyway.

The good kind of diving

His first save is fine, but it's the diving effort to deny Sean Monahan that's really special here. Those were Jones' 11th and 12th saves on the power play, in case you're keeping score at home.

Are you kidding me?

It was around here that I thought Jones might actually go the distance despite the bevy of saves he had to make. This is almost certainly the best save Jones has made in his career as not only does he stop a tough first shot, he dives to his left (again) to denny Johnny Gaudreau. If you ever wonder just how good a save is, just take a look at the shooter that was just denied. Gaudreau's face says it all.

Jones' even-strength save percentage has climbed to .9293 after a rough middle stretch of the season.

I'm a firm proponent in getting James Reimer some starts down the stretch to rest Jones, but man it's been nice to see him rebound from a poor month of December. Jones is the Sharks' future in goal and if he can pull out games like last night every once in a while...well, the future is looking mighty bright. Oh...and...