Martin Jones new mask celebrates anniversary

The Sharks new goaltender's mask commemorates the franchise's 25th anniversary

The Sharks predate me by one month and 10 days, which makes it easy to remember which anniversary we're coming up on so long as I can remember my birthday. Some days are better than others, but today Martin Jones (and the San Jose Sharks Instagram) has done me a solid by showing off the goalie's new mask.

Jones has had a great view of some of the not-so-terrific moments in Sharks history, but that's not stopping him from celebrating the team's 25th anniversary on his first Sharks goalie mask.

Finishing touches. by @eyecandyair

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The good: It's not Sharknado themed. The bad: It's kind of boring. The ugly: The 25th anniversary logo is uninspiring. You can take the goalie out of the Kings but you can't take the soul-crushing-boring-aesthetic of the Kings out of the goalie.

What do you think of the new mask?