NHL 09 Fear The Fin Invitational Pairings


After the jump you will find your opponent's GT, as well as a link. This link will take you to a page where you and your partner will organize convenient times to hold your games.

There will be no draft today, because having 36 users attempt to select different teams would be bedlam. Any method you use to pick teams is fine. If you and your opponent are unable to come to an agreement on which teams to be, here is a method I use with my buddies:

Three Randoms & A Lotto

Go to Western Conference All-Stars and hit "x" three times. The three NHL teams you get form your pool of selection. You are able to choose either one of these three. If you do not like any of them however, you can choose a "lotto" pick. The risk with choosing a lotto is that you have to be that team.


Other Stuff

  • I don't care if you're a KHL, Swiss team etc., but National teams are not allowed. Play as the same team throughout the entire series.
    A seven game series, 2-2-1-1-1 format. The home and away teams will be shown after the jump. Since I know someone is going to ask this question, no, one team does not play as the home team the entire series. "Joeblow @ Joeschmo" means "schmo" is the home team for the first two games of the series. Just like the NHL playoffs.
  • Wearing whites at home is encouraged, but obviously not required.
  • Odin and I tried to find a way that we could set up continuous OT online, but we were unable to do so. What a joke. If you would like to avoid the shootout, feel free to quit once regulation ends, and start a new game- this will be the "overtime period." First goal obviously wins. Coordinate this with your opponent.
    Rules here in case you forgot.
  • After the first two rounds we will have to introduce a new format considering there will be 9 players remaining. It will involve setting up an online league where everyone plays each other twice and the top four teams advance, but don't worry about that now seeing as it's only the first round.
    If your opponent does not make an appearance in the comments by Tuesday at 7:00 PM Pacific, you will advance to the next round.
  • Finish your series by Friday at 11:59 PM Pacific./


    How To Play Your Games

    Note: This is done when both you and your opponent online. Only the home team goes through this process. Be sure to friend request your opponent.

    1) Go to "XBOX Live on the main screen.

    2) Go to "Community."

    3) Go to "View Player Hub."

    4) Hold down LT and go to "Address Book."

    5) Click on your opponents name.

    6) Click "Invite To Game" and set the Game Type to "Ranked."

    7) Grab your potato chips, a soda pop, and kick some ass.

    Group A- Click Here To Set Up Game Times

    misterplank @ J Rhombus

    HighInk @ Secret Agent P

    xRoGx NhL K1nG @ SharksFan91

    Shiromori @ The Enginerd

    Group B- Click Here To Set Up Game Times

    mathicas @ TheShwantz27

    Odin Mercer @ diabeetus579003

    LilBunnyStomper @ killahshark58

    kbofosho @ kantonaxtwoo

    Group C- Click Here To Set Up Game Times

    BaddBoyBrandon @ HisDudeness9

    J Tra1n @ Mccarthyism1430

    Reginald Wilcox @ jimbobri

    Xerospaniard @ Muldoon049

    Group D- Click Here To Set Up Game Times

    SirSnipesalot24 @ JDorianMD

    Ragestreet @ celtic jovh

    kran83 @ Leafer1984

    Xavier4444 @ themetal672

    Group E- Click Here To Set Up Game Times

    JW Hawkeye241 @ GTBradLee

    Nawest @ SpalWizzall

    Any questions, leave them here.

    Have fun and good luck! Go Sharks.