NHL Email Dump: Doug "Whine" Wilson is all the Sharks news we'll get

Not a lot of Sharks tidbits to be gleaned from the NHL's email dump.

After several hours of searching through the swarth of emails released by the NHL in the wake of the lawsuit the league is battling, I'm sorry to report that (it appears) Doug "Whine" Wilson is not just the most interesting, but the only tidbit to glean. For those who haven't seen the email in question, head below.

That's hockey journalism grandpa Bob McKenzie more or less advocating for the death of Corey Perry, which is probably not something a journalist should do. In my opinion. This thread is in regards to this dirty Perry hit on Jonathan Cheechoo in the 2009 playoffs.

NHL Senior Vice President (at the time of this email) Colin Campbell's response amounting to "take care of it on the ice' is absolutely horrifying and speaks to just how incapable the NHL is at handling the ongoing concussion problem. In truth, the biggest reveal from these emails is that Campbell is, at best, a complete asshole while Brendan Shanahan appears to at least be trying to do right by the players.

The SBNation NHL hub pulled out most of the highlights from the email dump, and of course the link at the top of this article is open if you'd like to do some digging yourself. After several hours it's more than possible I've missed something.