[Open Thread] Sharks Gameday: So There's The Power Play.....



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4th in Central Division 1st in Pacific Division
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25 games in is as good time as any to reflect on some of the changes we've seen the Sharks go through.

Just about the only constant is the ridiculous number of ways the Sharks manage to win. High-scoring slobberknockers, goaltending shutouts, grind-it-out dump and chasers- the Sharks have managed to do it all.

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But what about that ol' powerplay? So glad you asked.

It's funny how a simple blog post can go such a long way:

FTF Post Games Played PP Goals PP Attempts PP Percentage
Before 17 14 88 15.9%
After 8 15 42 35.7%

Yowza yowza!

Although the Calgary and Chicago games in mid-November have a lot to do with the ridiculously inflated number of goals after the post (more goals in half as many games!), there's only been one game in that time span where we have failed to score a single power play goal, and only twice where we haven't converted at least a third of our chances. That, my friends, is efficiency*.

* As you can probably tell I didn't have too much to say about the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2. None come on the power play as I contemplate shutting the blog down.

Go Sharks.

[Update 3:57 PM] Joe Thornton will break the Sharks franchise record for most consecutive starts tonight.