Patrick Marleau first Shark to 1,000 points

Mr. Shark etches his name in the San Jose record book.

Watching Patrick Marleau play night in and night out can be deceiving. There's no way this guy has played more than 1,300 NHL games, right? There's no way someone who has been playing since 1997-98 can be this fast and this agile after so many minutes logged, goals scored and key passes made.

Yet, there he is. Marleau hasn't played fewer than 70 games in a single NHL season, barring the lockout season, of course. He leads the Sharks in nearly every category worth leading in. No one has scored more goals than Marleau, played in more games than Marleau or tallied more points than Marleau while wearing teal.

Here's the point that put Marleau over the top.

No one has had a better Sharks career than Marleau. There will likely be a number raised to the SAP Center rafters before Marleau's, but none will be more deserving. Now that he's reached 1,000 points, let's take a look at some of the better moments in Mr. Shark's career.

Goal No. 1

Goal No. 400

Overtime winner against Detroit

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