Update: Raffi Torres turns down right to in person meeting with DPS

That'll be at least five games for Torres for last night's hit on Silfverberg.

Sharks winger Raffi Torres will have an in person hearing with the Department of Player Safety on Monday for his hit on Jakob Silfverberg.

You can see a video of the hit below.

So how many games is Torres gone for? We know it'll be at least five since the meeting is being held in person and since he's a repeat offender under the CBA there's a good chance it'll be quite a bit longer than that.

Correction: Since Torres' last suspension was more than 18 months he will not be considered a repeat offender. I can not tell time or do math.

Thankfully it appears Silfverberg is okay.

Update: Torres has waived his right to an in-person hearing. I expect we'll still hear news on his suspension tomorrow.

Here's another angle in slow motion.