Report: Bieksa trade fell apart when Sharks refused to give up 39th pick

Canucks wouldn't settle for 2016 2nd rounder.

As little as 24 hours ago, a trade of Vancouver Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa to the Sharks seemed imminent. Thankfully, it now will almost certainly not happen. According to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the main reason the deal hit a snag is because San Jose wisely refused to part with the 39th overall pick, a selection they would eventually package along with a second rounder from next year to move up to 31 and pick Jeremy Roy.

There seemed to be disagreement over the year of the second-round pick involved, a source said; the Sharks wanted to send a second-rounder from 2016 and the Canucks wanted a second-rounder for 2015. And if the pick was going to be 2016, I think the Canucks wanted another, lower pick also thrown in to compensate for waiting a year on the second-round pick.

Bottom line, the trade didn’t happen. Whether both clubs can get it back on track remains to be seen. The Canucks may reach out to other teams now.

With both the 39th overall pick and one of the 2016 2nd rounders now gone, it seems extremely unlikely negotiations will be rebooted which is unequivocally good news.