Sharks Gameday: A Walk Through Memory Lane



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Defending Big D

The Sharks hit the road for the second time this February, fresh off a homestand that would make Judy Garland proud. Dallas, whether or not they're currently some 24 points short of contending for the Pacific division title, is still a team that's worthy of venomous tirades. And the American Airlines Center, whether or not it's May, is still a place that is a pain in the rear to play in.

Some things never do change.

But just what has changed this year for the Dallas Stars? Courtesy of my nifty time machine (okay, FTF archived material), we're going to take a brisk walk in the park. Pack your bags honey darling, I'll bring the cookies!

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BREAKING NEWS = Brenden Morrow will miss six months with a torn right ACL. The Stars recalled Landon Wilson from their AHL affiliate.

- Keeping Tabs, November 21st

With the locker room in shambles and the team desperate for wins, Brenden Morrow goes down for six months. Anybody else nearly write them off at this point?

Captain Brenden Morrow out for the year with a torn ACL (oh that guy- and here I almost forgot about him). Steve Ott goes down for a month. The Dallas Morning News questions team chemistry.

So just what caused the season's first quarter meltdown? Is this a case of Sean Avery's inclusion into the roster, or was last year's playoff run a classic case of a team getting hot at the right time? Is Marty Turco's career .913 save percentage misleading, or is this year's .871 turd an aberration? Will Sergei Zubov or Mike Modano be dealt to a team trying to add some veteran pop at the deadline? Can Brett Hull be trusted to turn the team around when he's been caught lying on national television? Will Dallas fans start booing the word "star" during their pre-game anthem?

- Sharks Gameday: Rock Star Supernova, November 28th

Our second game against Dallas this season had many a question, and while Turco didn't cough the puck up with 30 seconds left in the game, the Sharks went on to lay waste to the floundering team by the score of 6-2. Yummy.

Then things got worse- Avery utters his infamous sloppy seconds comment which leads to a suspension, Mike Modano goes on radio in Detroit and says he doesn't think The Sloppy One will be invited back to the team.... but the Stars start winning games. Lots of em' too.

In fact, they go on a 8-4-1 tear in the month of December (scoring 41 goals during that time span), and manage to salvage the season. Marty Turco finally begins to man the pipes with a passing resemblance to his former self, and Dallas creeps into a playoff spot.

Although Brad Richards won't be playing tonight, Dallas needs a win. It's a high profile game (in fact, the only tilt being played across the NHL tonight), and if the last ten years have taught you anything, the Stars come out to play when the pressure is on.

Here's to the beginning of another a successful road trip.

Prediction: Sharks win 2-0. Goals by Michalek and Boyle, both on the power play. Marty Turco and Mike Ribeiro "comfort" each other at center ice after the loss.

Go Sharks.