Sharks have best jersey of all time, obviously

Fight me, haters.

You know who has the best hockey jersey of all time? The San Jose Sharks. You know who doesn't? Well, logically speaking, uh, everyone else. Glad we cleared that up.

The Hockey News named the 1991 Sharks jersey the best of all time in their Jersey Issue, which apparently is not all about the 49th-ranked state in the union. Here's the release.

"Though the logo has been altered in recent years, the original shark crest was perfect. San Jose may not have popularized the use of a triangle as background, but the way the shark is springing out is fantastic. The teal blue is definitely bold, and San Jose owns that color (red, on the other hand, could make you think of Chicago, Montreal or Detroit). The secondary logo, a cutting fin on the shoulder, is also an amazing mark. This jersey could have been used for decades and no one would call it out for being dated. Simply put, it's flawless. The stripes aren't busy and, in an era where garishness took over, the Sharks kept it classy."

Naturally, this was received well on Twitter dot com.

Right, right. So what jersey is better? Oh, the team with the racist-as-hell-caricature on it? Or the one with the big ass "C" on it? Listen, the Sharks have shown consistently over the years that C's are stupid and no one should like them. I guess you could make an argument for the one with a big leaf on it, but...sharks are better than leaves and leafs. Sorry everyone.

This is an opportunity to tell the haters, the old people and the Original-Six-Heads that their tears fuel us. Heck, I might have to actually read The Hockey News now.

Thank you for coming, nerds. Bow down to the best jersey in hockey history.