Logan Couture wants Joe Thornton to finish his career on his terms

We all want to see Jumbo in a Sharks uniform at least one more time.

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Now that we know the country will be in a virtual shutdown until the end of April, the NHL won’t be returning anytime soon.

One sidebar of the league deciding to suspend the rest of the season would be what happens with players who are the tail-end of their careers.

Sharks legend Joe Thornton is one of those players. “Jumbo” is in his 22nd season and there was never a guarantee he would return for year 23.

Captain Logan Couture talked with NBC Bay Area’s Brodie Brazil and was asked how he hopes things will shake out.

“It’s tough for Patty [Marleau] because he had a legit chance in Pittsburgh. I look at this selfishly for Jumbo, hoping that he does come back with us next year,” Couture said. “You know it saves an extra 12 games on those legs and that body of wear and tear, I know he’s gonna get a little bit older, but I think saving some time on that body will help us if he does come back with the Sharks, which I know we’re all hoping that he does.”

The Sharks won’t be making a postseason run if play returns, sitting 15 points behind the Nashville Predators for the second wild card position in the Western Conference.

Thornton is a legend and deserves to go out on his own terms. The 40-year-old has 31 points this season and hasn’t missed a single game.

Hopefully once this coronavirus outbreaks calms down, we will get to see Thornton play out the final 12 regular season games, at the very least.