Sharks will seek third round pick from Oilers for hiring Todd McLellan

The selection will be in one of the next three entry drafts.

At some point this week the Edmonton Oilers are expected to make their hiring of Todd McLellan official, as the former Sharks head coach returns home from Prague after leading Team Canada to a gold medal at the 2015 IIHF World Championships. When that happens, expect the Sharks to ask Edmonton for the compensatory draft pick they're entitled to as a result of the hiring:

Since McLellan had a year remaining on his contract with the Sharks, and since the Oilers will be bringing him into the fold during the offseason, San Jose is eligible to receive a third round selection in one of the next three entry drafts of Edmonton's choosing. Draft pick compensation for teams who see coaches, GMs or other executives hired away from them hasn't been enforced in the NHL since 2006 but an agreement earlier this year brought it back into implementation.

Teams aren't required to give up a pick unless the team they're hiring from asks for it, something the Penguins didn't do when New Jersey hired Ray Shero as their general manager earlier this month. Presumably Pittsburgh weighed the risk of Shero's salary remaining on the books were they to haggle over draft pick compensation from the Devils against the potential reward of a pick. With McLellan in high demand, and the Oilers in particular dead-set on hiring him, that isn't an issue for the Sharks; there's no chance Edmonton will let forfeiting a third-rounder derail this hiring.