Should the Sharks claim Christian Ehrhoff?

The former San Jose defender has been put on waivers by the Kings.

Christian Ehrhoff, a fourth-round draft pick of the Sharks in 2001, was placed on waivers by the Kings Wednesday.

After playing 40 games with the Kings with 10 points, Los Angeles decided it was time to move on. With Brenden Dillon day-to-day with an upper body injury, Ehrhoff might be a nice pick up for the Sharks in an effort to bolster the defense. I know, I know, I just wrote about the improvement of the defense, but Ehrhoff is relatively low cost and may still be an effective NHL defender.

Here's the case. He's currently being paid $1.5 million by the Kings, which would make him the lowest-paid defender on the Sharks (other than Dylan Demelo). San Jose can afford him, it's a matter of whether or not he's worth the money — or a roster spot, of course.

Point total isn't a great way to evaluate a defender, but Ehrhoff was, at one time, a pretty reliable offensive defender. That doesn't appear to be the case with the Kings, and his points-per-60 has definitely slid.

The Sharks don't really need more offense from their defenders, so that's not much of an issue. He's done well suppressing shots with the Kings — though it's tough to separate him from the rest of the team. His HERO chart looks pretty nice! That gives a three-season sample size, which is good for players in their prime and a little less good for a guy at Ehrhoff's age who is almost certainly declining.

His scoring-chance-for percentage is 53.1, which makes him a -2.4 percent in relative scoring-chance-for percentage with the Kings. He's also a slight minus in terms of corsi-for percentage with Los Angeles.

So okay, is Ehrhoff worth acquiring? If Dillon's injury is something that will keep him out long-term, I'd say yes. The Sharks blue-line depth is absolutely putrid and can't withstand losing a starter for an extended period of time. Ehrhoff certainly isn't the defender he once was, but he can do a job for the Sharks if they need him.