Video: Joel Quenneville storms out of postgame presser

Ohhhhhh, somebody is madddddddddd.

Someone isn't having a good week and his name is Joel Quenneville. Although he is a Stanley Cup winning coach, that doesn't mean he has lost his passion. Quenneville has a bit of a short temper, so when he doesn't like something, you'll know about it. Last night against the Sharks was a prime example of his frustration getting the best of him.

"I don't know the rules anymore or something has changed", that is a quote courtesy of Quenneville, who was not pleased with the officiating of a disallowed goal. This play happened pretty early in their game against the Sharks and could have changed the tenor of the game. I think the best part of the video had to be Quenneville's impression of the shrug emoticon. All the kids are using it now-a-days, maybe Quenneville is trying to be hip?


This isn't the only time Quenneville has been mad recently, he lost his mind at this disallowed goal against the Arizona Coyotes on February 4th.

If we learn anything from this, don't take away goals from Joel Quenneville. You may make him angry.