This Is Hockey Culture: Trailer Transcript

Welcome to This Is Hockey Culture, the newest hockey podcast from SB Nation and Fear The Fin.

Welcome to an introduction to This Is Hockey Culture, the newest hockey podcast from SB Nation and Fear The Fin! If you saw our announcement last week, then you’ll know that Fear The Fin is dropping This Is Hockey Culture, a brand-new podcast, on Oct. 18.

We released our trailer for the podcast on Oct. 5 (you can take a listen down below), but here at SB Nation, we value accessibility, which is why all episodes will be released in full transcript form here on the website every Friday.

If you weren’t able to listen to the trailer, have no fear! Here is the full transcript of This Is Hockey Culture’s trailer:

Kat Pitré: Welcome to the episode before the episode: an introduction to This is Hockey Culture, the newest hockey podcast from SB Nation. But before we get into what This is Hockey Culture is, we have to introduce all of you, to us; your hosts!

Sam Siciliano: Hey everyone, I’m Samantha Siciliano, but people usually call me Sam — that’s what Kat will be calling me here. I’m an Emmy Award Winning Associate Producer and Penn State graduate, as well as a co-host and producer for Off The Ice, which is another hockey podcast Kat and I are a part of. I’ve been skating for 20 years, playing hockey for a little over 15 of them, and in addition to playing, I’ve also coached and reffed, as well having worked in broadcast and post production. I’ve been really fortunate enough to get to see the game from a lot of different angles, and I’m excited to get to bring that perspective here to SB Nation.

Kat: I’m Kat Pitré — I’m a sports journalist here at SB Nation/Fear The Fin, but you can also find me at the Women’s Sports Alliance, and formerly at Fnews Magazine and The Sports Shot. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, I think I’ve listened to a hockey podcast by Sam and Kat before” then you might be a fan of the podcast that Sam mentioned, Off The Ice.

But This Is Hockey Culture has a different tone, and it starts with investigating the true diversity of experiences and identities within hockey by asking one central question: What is hockey culture?

Kat: This Is Hockey Culture breaks down the most pressing news circulating the NHL by examining the intersections of politics, identity, sports and culture in order to define what makes hockey, hockey.

Think of This Is Hockey Culture like a verbal Op-Ed; a conversation between two accomplished women (and good friends) that covers topical hockey storylines and the culture behind it, with a fresh perspective that won’t be found anywhere else but at SB Nation.

Sam: Starting October 18th, Kat and I will be dropping our talks every Monday, where we’ll be having 30-40 minute breakdowns about pressing concerns in hockey culture as a whole.

In our first talk, Kat and I will be taking a walk through the Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres relationship since his season ending injury, as well as start a larger discussion about athlete’s body autonomy, and whether or not players are inevitably at the hands of ownership.

Kat: If you want to get in touch with us, all contact information will be listed in the description box of the episode. You can shoot us an email, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and find us on Fear The Fin at SB Nation. And, of course, back here next week for our first episode!