(Yawn, stretch, sigh) Sharks win... again.

Mr. K.'s confession - he did not watch the game, which was only the second time this season he was not glued to the television or (more regularly) at the Sharks games, both home and away (note - be glad we're not Panthers or Lightning fans, people!). He was able to listen to the entire first period, a fair portion of the second, and the final fifteen minutes of the third, but was caught up in his, um, other life - i.e. the meager one aside from Team Teal. Excuses aside, if you want a proper game wrap, look HERE. What follows is a, um, bare bones analysis of the 3-2 Sharks victory.


  • The Coyotes jump out to an early 2-0 lead, thanks to goals from Derek Morris and Kyle Turris.  Phoenix fans at Jobing.com Arena high-five each other, remarking, "Hey, we've got an early 2-0 lead!  As we all know from games involving the San Jose Sharks at Jobing.com Arena, that lead is insurmountable!"
    Todd McLellan analyzes the situation, and says, "Hmm... a goal from a defenseman, and another from a center, in 3 minutes and 13 seconds worth of play?   I bet we can do that in TWO minutes and 13 seconds!"
    The Sharks boldly take up their commander's challenge, causing Ilya Bryzgalov to mutter Russian swear words when he gives up a goal to Sharks center Joe Pavelski and Sharks defenseman Rob Blake, in a 71 second span... or 2 minutes and 13 seconds from the Kyle Turris goal.
  • Marcel Goc, who assisted on Blake's goal, is besides himself - "A point?  Me?  Really?  Yeehaw!! - Uwe Krupp won't be the only German with his name on the Cup, not this season, no siree!"
  • Desert Dogs coach Wayne Gretzky takes a moment to analyze the situation, and deduces that the Sharks goals came on their first two shots.  "Well, I guess Ilya gets another night on the bench - you ok with that, Tellqvist?  It's a good thing that Russians and Swedes have historically gotten along, because I don't want any controversy here!"
  • As the game degenerates into a dump-and-chase routine, Patrick Marleau is heard muttering, "This looks strangely familiar to something I saw last season..."
  • Coach Wayne Gretzky looks at the box score of the last Phoenix / San Jose matchup to try and figure out how to gather two points out of the evening, and cries when he realizes Olli Jokinen is out of the lineup.
  • Joe Pavelski decides that tonight was the perfect night to reach 10 goals and 20 points on a game-winner... so he does just that.
  • Sharks win... again.  41 points in 24 games (20-3-1).  The End. /