Off the Post August 31st

Welcome to Fear the Fin's Off the Post, in which we highlight some of the hockey stories circulating around the Interwebs.

The Shark-killing dude behind the Brenden Morrow hat-trick is back and ready for action.

  • "Battle of California" takes on new meaning as RudyKelly wages unholy war on the new SBN Kings blogger - whoever that might be.
  • In case you missed it - Alex Tanguay is headed to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  And in case you missed it - The French Connection 2 was nowhere near as good as the original.

    Will Chris "Lady Byng" Pronger wear the "A" in Philadelphia?

  • Three interesting new articles on 3 former Sharks = Mike Grier, Brian Boucher, and (in case you've forgotten him) Steve Bernier.
  • I'm not saying Paul Kelly looks like SS officer Hans Landa... but I'm not NOT saying he does either.  [UPDATE] = Kelly's ass got fired this morning.

  • Hans_and_paul_medium
  • A primer on Thomas Greiss, courtesy of Worcester.

    If I knew Jay Woodcroft was in Russia the same time I was this summer, I would have at least bought him a couple vodka shots.

    Warning - your retinas might malfunction after seeing this.

    NOT HOCKEY = Roger Ebert deserves another Pulitzer for this blog entry on his victory over alcoholism.

    Speaking of alcoholism - you may have already noticed, but a certain someone got a new moniker.  Those that were there May 5th (a healthy - and surprisingly sober - lot of you) might get the reference.

    He's probably going to hate me for putting this up, but FTF stalwart and all-around good guy Dave Valentine is going in for surgery tomorrow.

    Get well soon, Dave!70